The Fountain by the lake


The fountain is situated next to the Boating Lake and is sadly no longer in working use.

The fountain was donated by Charles Andrew Palmer, who was quite a well known local Sportsman, and the owner of Park Hill House. One of the companies he owned, made Bicycle Wheels, and he used to be a prominent cyclist himself. Source

A red and grey granite drinking fountain in the form of a central column supporting four water basins (taps missing, 2000), surmounted by four low pediments above which rises a dome; pinnacles formerly separated the pediments, while the dome was surmounted by a pinnacle with a foliated finial (all now missing). The drinking fountain was donated by Councillor C A Palmer in 1898 (inscription). Source

Charles Andrew Talbot Palmer, a man with many talents. The family had lived in Handsworth for generations, his Grandfather having built some of the houses in Villa Road. His father was a Jeweller, but he went into business with his brother, at the National Arms Ammunition Company, in Sparkbrook, Birmingham. He was a sporting type was Charles, Shooting, Swimming, Football, and Cycling. The last two at what was to become the Aston Villa ground in Handsworth. ( yes, he did play for them ) In 1881, he became the Midland Counties Cycling Champion. He got the job, in 1884, as Works manager at St George's Engineering Company in Pope Street, Hockley, becoming the owner in 1888. He held a patent for an improved cycle wheel, and the company made a lot of money. Source

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