Austin Lines Fountain Canopy


Another Grade II listed structure in the park as well as the Bandstand, the Canopy (also referred to as The Umbrello) was restored with the rest of the park in the early 2000s. As you can see in the pictures below, the placement of the canopy is very different now.

A late 19th Century cast-iron octagonal umbrello formerly covering a drinking fountain (listed grade II), stands on late 20th Century paving adjacent to the south bank of the boating lake. Fluted cast-iron columns support an open-work dome surmounted by a vase finial (finial is missing now), the dome rising above roundels formerly containing shields (which are also missing) and winged dragons (also missing). The arched openings above two roundels are inscribed 'keep the pavement dry'. The umbrello and associated drinking fountain were presented to the park by Councillor Austin Lines, a moving spirit in the foundation of the park, in 1888 and formerly stood around 100 metres east of Park House where it terminated the vista across the bowling green. The umbrello was moved to its present location in the mid 20th Century; the associated fountain shown in early 20th Century photographs does not survive. The umbrello is similar in form to a contemporary example in Victoria Park, Tipton. Source

Situated in a semicircular area surrounded by ornamental shrubs; this was formerly the site of an ornamental two-tier fountain which was set in a circular pool. The fountain was removed to Handsworth Park from the Aston Lower Grounds in the late 19th century. The fountain pool fed a cascade which descended to a further small circular pool to the east; none of these features survive. Source

Behind this structure is an area of lawn and specimen trees and shrubs lying between the lake and the road to the east. Some mature trees in this area, and to the south-east of the lake survive from the 19th Century rectory pleasure grounds, while the lawn was developed as tennis grounds in the late 19th Century. Source

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